Born in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, I grew up in the small town of Nowra on the South Coast. My early twenties found me living in Sydney, Australia for 2 years. In 2000 I relocated to Madison, Wisconsin.

Growing up in Australia I played multiple sports besides golf, including cricket, field hockey, tennis, squash and surfing. After moving to USA I found the love of play slow pitch softball (aka an excuse to drink beer).

In May of 2019, during a round of golf my co-worker jokingly stated I should compete in the World Long Drive.

Outside of golf and softball, I enjoy traveling with my amazing wife to experience new cultures and cuisines. Besides our 3 dogs, we have fostered and found new homes for 53 dogs.

What People Say

It was heartwarming to hear this high praise from members of the LGBTQ softball community. Two stand out. One was Jeff Sloan, athletic director of NAGAA, the governing body for LGBTQ softball.

“Jamie was the first trans athlete I met several years ago when traveling to LGBTQ softball tournaments,” Sloan said. “I know that her visibility at those tournaments early on educated people and improved relations for our trans members in NAGAAA for years to come. Jamie later became a teammate of mine and an inspiration to us all in the LGBTQ softball community.”

The other was Jeffrey Bligh-Jones of the Migrating Ducks team:

“It takes courage and strength to be a beacon of light and hope in this world,” Bligh-Jones said. “Jamie is exactly that for the transgender community both inside and outside of the sports world. As a coach, I always find ways to learn from any player that I coach. Jamie taught me to never fear our differences; but to embrace and celebrate who we are in this world. Because of Jamie and many others in the transgender community, the hope for a better world on and off the field is extremely bright. I am proud to call Jamie a great friend forever.”

During the past 3 years, we’ve traveled the country together to play softball and have made it to a national championship game twice. Jamie and her wife are some of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to spend time with. Jamie is a fantastic athlete and is naturally gifted at literally everything. Jamie is the first transgender person I’ve spent a significant amount of time around, and the stories she has shared about her journey are awe inspiring. We play a team sport together, and she has handled everyone’s questions about her journey with patience and kindness. She is the best advocate for the LGBTQ community because she continually lifts those up around her with her positivitity and big heart. The time Jamie has spent educating me on her transition and experience is invaluable to me. She has helped me to realize that everyone walks a different path in life, and kindness is the best path we can share together. I’m very excited to watch Jamie in her next endeavor because I know she will be successful in whatever she does! Aimee Hurst – CC Boom Kansas City

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